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Name:Laruna Troven
Birthdate:Feb 28
[character name]: Laruna Troven
[series]: Original (Elemental Wizard Chroicles
[player eljay]: [personal profile] kippurbird
[messenger]: AIM= kippurbirdy, plurk= kippur
[4th walling?]: If it were possible, sure.

Laruna Troven is a water wizard from the city of Quarim. As a Troven she's one of the wizarding city's nobility, as the Trovens are one of First Families. The middle child (by an hour) of three, and the only girl she held herself in a special position of being the girl and yet getting to be like one of the guys at the same time.

She's a perky one most of the time, very optimistic and the most outgoing of the three siblings. She likes drinking and partying and guys (or girls depending on what's available). Flirting is a joy of hers. She's also makes her own wine when she has the chance.

Despite her slightly hedonistic nature, she is also a healer in training, having been taught it by her grandmother. It's one of the few things you can find her taking seriously.

Magically speaking she's a fair talent at water magic. She's not particularly powerful, nor is she weak. She's average. The only thing special about her abilities is that she's from the Trovens which are traditionally a fire family.

Her younger brother is Alec [personal profile] element_wizard But she doesn't have access to the fourth wall or anything like he does.

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